Things To Do With A Missold Pension

The origin of the missold pension happened in United Kingdom in 2008. According to the Financial Services Authority or the FSA, 16 percent of the 500 files from loan adviser firms were missold. The following are the pinpointed causes for missold pensions:

  • Almost 40 percent of the investments were unsuitable wherein the individual’s case and risk were not taken note of.
  • 26 percent of the missold pensions came from the inadequate reviews and the regular reviews that have significance to this investment were not presented.
  • 70 percent came from the unexplained costs
  • 14 percent came from their loss of advantages, specifically coming from the transfer scheme.
  • Sold subprime mortgage to clients having good credit records
  • Clients still paying their mortgage without sufficient company support to maintain the mortgage.

Compensation and Claim in Missold Mortgage

The first thing you need to ask yourself is do you qualify for having a missold pension. Most clients who have problems in mortgage payment later see themselves with issues in their pensions. The brokers usually offer financial plans that were not performing well with the FSA regulations. Once you’ve provided evidence of having a pension that was approved, you should take the claim. The following are the steps you do when taking a claim:

1. Apply for a Subject Access Request. You can file this by consulting a good claim management. This request is efficient in acquiring the necessary documents for a mortgage.

2. Once you’ve acquired the needed files, your claim management company will send the complaint to the broker or lender. This can take months, which can be about five months on average. Some brokers can even reject the claim.

3. If all things get into a wrong point of view, the claims company can take this to the FSA. Nonetheless, it may take up to a year in order to process all the requirements for a claim.

Most of the lenders and brokers lack the proper assessment of the client’s financial status. This has led to mortgages that were not sustained efficiently and left the clients in a poor financial situation. In order to file for claim, get a reputable claims management firm and process the returns of a missold pension.





Consumers want everything fast and this includes insurance. If you want to get insurance information fast, you can get into whole of life quotes online. There are hundreds of them posting online but how reliable are they? Can you get reliable information and be connected reliable companies by going online? The answer is difficult to ascertain due to the fact that the internet environment is a mixture of legit and scammers. However, if you talk about speed you can get it online. Most online posts have people on standby to attend to your query, email or chat. Transactions can be done in seconds.

They Are Present Online

When you talk about whole of life quotes online, take note that they are always present online. Whenever you want comparisons, monthly premium rates and other info related to life insurance, you always have access to it. With this kind of set-up, you can actually request for a quote anytime from different providers. If you think your quote may be outdated, you can request for another one. Since online providers are up 24 hours a day, you can receive your quote, either immediately or at the shortest possible time. Online presence is how those who issue online quotes make a living.

They Come In Different Groupings

One thing that you will notice with whole of life quotes online, is that they usually come in different groupings. The grouping are arranged in a table like presentation with the name of the provider the life insurance type and the amount of coverage. Oftentimes they will include the eligibility and other important factors related to your inquiry. After looking at the online presentation, you can then make a request for a quote. But you need to fill in some details so that they can make the necessary calculations. It is actually very convenient to get an online quote.

They Need to Be Checked

Even with the convenience, you still need to check whole of life quotes online. This is the underlying reason behind checking. Most of those who post are not the insurance provider themselves. Some are legit brokers but some are just out there to get money from ad placements on their webpage. As such some of those who are online are not after the insurance and this can be a waste of your time. Check the website before you ask for an online quote. They need to be actually involved in life insurance, so that your quote will be of good use to you.

If you ask how reliable online quotes are, it all depends to certain factors. Whole of life quotes online, that emanate from legitimate insurance providers and from insurance brokers and firms are reliable. Of course, take note that the broker will always give you the higher premium first, because his commission is at stake. But if you are wise, you can negotiate through the maze of insurance products and prices. You need to be an intelligent buyer when it comes to online quotes.



The hype given to term assurance or otherwise known as life insurance is really fascinating. For some, this looks like saving up which benefits can only be gained in a particular period of time. Two parties agree to an amount that must be paid for a certain period. A person who has paid already everything will receive the same amount plus the interest when the term lapse. As insurance agents suggest, this is one of the most promising investments for everyone. It can eliminate all the problems of a person when at a really old age. However, there are still a lot of people who just cannot put their trust on insurance companies and for this product. Below are two occasions when this deal might not go well. These are very important notes to take down especially for those who are planning to sign in for a term assurance.

When Clients Become Irresponsible

Those who cannot keep up with the events on their calendar cannot make it. This deal will only be successful with well-disciplined people. Paying dues on time will be its number one requirement and clients who fail to meet the deadlines are always subjected to the nullification of an account. Just imagine for paying a term assurance for several months, then, all of a sudden, losing all the savings just because of one missed payment. This can really be frustrating because all of the efforts, money and time go to waste. There are some companies who call out the attention of their late-payers and just give penalties while others completely negates the transactions with just a single missed payment.

When Clients Deal With Unstable incomes

Having a very reliable source of income is one of the most vital requirements for a term assurance. Those who have no idea where they will get theirs for the next months or years do not have to sign up. This is not discrimination. The payments that are due are very hard to cover when a client does not know when a salary will come or how much it is worth. There are more basic needs that a person will have to take care of before payments for insurance and this usually happens when income is not constant.

At the end of the day, a person who is planning to get into these kinds of deal should weigh all the positives and negatives first. Signing a contract without the full and informed knowledge is definitely a big No. Insurance deals are not a need but there is nothing wrong with it. It has proven to help a lot of people already. So many retired citizens are already reaping what they have sown. Everything will only look bad if the 2 above-mentioned problems occur. Most of the time, they are curable and preventable. Do not rush things out. Learn each and every step to take. A term assurance deal can only work out if a client is dedicated to everything that is written on the contract.

While the banks have been ordered to deal with PPI claims, some of these claims are rejected. If your claim was rejected, there are still remedies you can take. A claims’ management company can take the claim on and deal with the bank or lender. They can also forward your paperwork to the Financial Ombudsman. Most rejected claims forwarded to the Financial Ombudsman have been overturned and the claimant was able to get back paid premiums.

Is There a Time Limit for Resubmitting Rejected PPI Claims?

Before the amount of pie claims are credited to the claimants, the bank or lender will send a decision letter. If the decision letter states a rejection of your claim, you have up to six months from the date of the decision letter to re-submit your claim. Before re-submitting your claim, try to assess why your claim was rejected. Deal with the reasons for rejection and fix your paperwork accordingly to make sure that this time, you will get the compensation the bank or lender owes you.

Reasons PPI Claims Are Rejected

Thousands of PPI claims have been rejected by banks and lenders. Some people are rejected because they are not entitled to a claim in the first place. Others legitimately are entitled to claims but just the same are rejected. Here are the most common reasons claims are rejected:

  1. Although the bank will not specify them in the decision letter, it is common for claimants not to know what details they need to furnish the bank or lender to facilitate a successful claim.
  2. Banks and lenders often reject a claim for no reason at all. The bank or lender will usually approve a significant number of claims to comply with the rules of the regulators. In the decision letter declining the claim, the bank or lender will often list a number of reasons for the rejection. Most of these reasons can easily be remedied when the claim is re-submitted to the Financial Ombudsman.
  3. The bank or lender says that the claimant does not have a PPI policy. There are however cases when the claimant still pursues his claim by re-submitting his claim to the bank or the Ombudsman. This time, it is found out that he indeed has a PPI policy.
  4. Some claimants are rejected because they are not able to show sufficient proof that their PPI policy was mis-sold.
  5. The bank provides you with reasons written in such a way that you do not understand the reasons your claim was rejected.


Reasons for Not Resubmitting Rejected PPI Claims

While you may re-submit your rejected PPI claims, there are also reasons why you should not re-submit your claims. The reasons are usually mentioned in the decision letter sent to you. These reasons may include:

  • You have an overdue account with a debt management company or an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA).
  • You do not have a PPI.
  • The amount you are trying to recover from the bank or lender is low and not worth the time to pursue a claim.

Banks and other financial institutions have been ordered to set aside an amount to give as refund for PPI policyholders. A lot of the major banks have been penalized because of the practice of mis-selling PPI. Know your rights as a consumer and claim ppi now.